FAQ for the Newly Organized

Welcome to CUPE 2190!

We have set up a dedicated email address for questions from members questions@cupe2190.ca and hope to answer your questions in this format on an ongoing basis. Please keep checking back!

The Vote to unionize the Administrative and Maintenance staff was Held on October 6, what were the results?

The results of the vote were that 93% voted to join CUPE. Whether you voted or not or if you voted no, you are now unionized and are a member of CUPE. The results of the vote must be posted by the employer for 45 days.

I am not sure if I am a member as I understand there are some positions that were excluded from the proposed Bargaining Unit, how can I find out?

Some positions were excluded. If a position has managerial duties (EX: hiring/firing) or have access to labour relations information, it was excluded. If you are unsure if you are in the new bargaining unit you can ask your supervisor as they have been given a list of staff that are in the bargaining unit. The President of the Union (CUPE 2190-Nancy Simone) also has a list and can assist you.

What Happens Now?

After the vote, there is a mandatory 5 day wait period before a certificate is issued to allow for any dispute to be raised and dealt with. There were no disputes and the certificate was issued on October 26, 2016. We now enter into collective bargaining to get you a contract.

Are we members of the existing CUPE 2190?

Not yet, but close. The Executive Board of CUPE 2190 has unanimously agreed that the newly organized group should belong to the existing CUPE 2190. Members will be voting at our AGM (annual general meeting) to endorse the Executive Boards recommendation.

We then need the employer to agree. That will be the first topic of discussion at the bargaining table.

Has Bargaining Commenced?

The Union filed, “Notice to Bargain” after the certificate was issued on October 26, 2016. Bargaining will commence as soon as dates are agreed to. As information becomes available, I will endeavour to communicate information and dates.

Once, “Notice to Bargain” is filed there is a statutory freeze period. What is frozen are the existing working conditions, which is defined as the terms and conditions of employment and the rights and privileges of the employees. The employer is not allowed to change terms and conditions of work.

Who will represent Us at the Bargaining Table?

CUPE National Representative, Nancy Murphy and Nancy Simone, President CUPE 2190, and a bargaining team who will be elected by you.

Are we able to run for elections at the upcoming AGM on November 30, 2016?

At the Annual General meeting on November 30, a vote will take place to bring you into the existing CUPE 2190. After a successful vote, you will be eligible to run for a position of the CUPE local 2190 Executive Board held later in the meeting of November 30. For a list of positons and the description of duties please see our post AGM 2016