Mass Rally for Decent Work, Oct. 1st, Queen’s Park


At 12 o’clock, on Saturday, October 1st, at Queen’s Park, CUPE Ontario will be taking part in the largest mobilization of the union movement and community activists in years. We will be joining thousands of other activists to Rally for Decent Work. This rally is part of the OFL campaign to Make it Fair which started as a result of the provincial government’s decision to review the Labour Relations and the Employment Standards Acts. This is a “once in a generation” opportunity to pressure the Ontario government to make meaningful changes to these pieces of legislation that would benefit all working people union and non-union.

This is an event that can’t be missed and needs your full support. CUPE Ontario will begin our rally at 12 noon and will be joined by thousands of others by 1 pm. CUPE Ontario will be providing food and there will be entertainment at the event.

CUPE Ontario, along with unions across the province has committed to getting at least 10,000 people to this rally.

To this end CUPE Ontario has reserved buses from a number of communities, has booked off activists to contact locals and members to attend, and will be putting our full efforts into making this a success.

We are asking for all CUPE locals to commit to get your members to attend. CUPE Ontario is ready to provide extra resources to get this work done.

Please let us know what you are planning to do to get members to attend.

If you have any questions or for information on the buses we have reserved or are interested in trying to arrange a bus from your community please go to our website or contact the office 905 739-9739 to talk with Eddie, Dan or Kerry.

Please stay tuned for more information on this massive mobilization.

Don’t miss this event!!!
Fred Hahn
Candace Rennick