Update on the progress of the inquest touching the death of Jeffrey Baldwin

TORONTO – The inquest touching the death of Jeffrey Baldwin, which began on September 9, 2013 and has heard from over 60 witnesses, will begin hearing closing submission and recommendations next week at the coroner’s court.

On February 4-6, 2014, all parties with standing (CUPE Local 2190, CCAS, York CAS, Toronto Police Services, surviving siblings, Provincial Child Advocate for Children and Youth, Toronto District School Board, Elva Bottineau ) and the coroner’s counsel will be giving final submissions which includes recommendations which each party hopes the Jury will consider.

The Jury will begin deliberating after hearing final remarks from the coroner on the afternoon of February 6.

Recommendations and further updates will be posted on our website.

Thank you for the patience and support from local members and the Local Executive committee for their assistance during this period.