When UNIONS stand UP – Everyone benefits!

Every victory, past and present was won was as a result of unionized labour’s struggles and political action including the 40-hour work week, decent wages and benefits, fair and respectful working conditions, pensions, paid vacation, health and safety legislation, maternity and parental leave. Programs and legislation including employment insurance, healthcare, Canada Pension Plan, employment standards, employment and pay equity, collective bargaining rights, and human rights, were won when workers, through their union, spoke out.

Wishing you all a Safe, Happy and Healthy Labour Day!

Join us on this Labour Day; September 7, at the Toronto Labour Day Parade. The parade starts off at 9:30 a.m.,from Queen + University, proceeds along Queen Street west to Dufferin, and down to the CNE gates (FREE ADMISSION!)

CUPE Ontario (Section 3) meets on the west side of University, North from Armoury St. to Dundas west.